Our beloved, Amanda “Mandy” Hogan, Executive Director, was presented with the 2nd Making A Difference Service Award during her 40th reunion at Wheelock College on May 30th, 2015.

A classmate and dear friend, nominated Mandy for the award, after seeing all the wonderful coverage of Windrush’s 50th in the Boston Globe. The Making A Difference Service Award is to honor and acknowledge her years of hard work and dedication to Windrush Farm. Mandy has exemplified the mission of Wheelock College to “improve the lives or children and families”. And she continues to change lives everyday.

Mandy absolutely deserve this wonderful recognition. We are thrilled to see her alumni feel the same way!

Congratulations Mandy!


Dear Donor..


Memorial Day Weekend brought some tense moments to Windrush Farm. On Sunday, May 24th, Josselyn Shaughnessy, Associate Director and resident of the farmhouse, and others around the farm, began to smell smoke. Josselyn took the gator out to the backfields to assure everything was safe. This is when she saw a wall of flames through the woods and immediately called for 911.

It is believed that the fire started out in the backfield and spread into the woods along the alleyway between the 3rd and 2nd field. It appears a manure pile combusted and with everything being so incredible dry, it caused quite a situation.

The Boxford and North Andover Fire Departments were able to control the fire and luckily it did not spread into the barnyard. They were here for the remainder of the afternoon, checking for hot spots and confirming all was safe. Everyone and all the animals were unharmed.

Thank goodness for the new dry hydrant, if we did not have it, it could have been devastating.

THANK YOU Boxford and North Andover Fire Department for all your incredible hard work. We are so grateful!

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Chester Update!

A wonderfully fun update from Chester’s owners…

Dear Windrush Farm Family,

Just wanted send you a long overdo update to let you know that Chester is doing well. He has re-earned the nickname ‘the pesky pony’!!  I think we both forgot that he thinks that he is a dog stuck in a pony’s body! He and Chances are getting along over walls and fences (I have not yet put them together, but that will probably happen this summer… when there is lots of grass to keep them both entertained!). He is currently getting over an access in his right front frog (yeah… I have no clue how that one happened). We have it drained and are working on it healing, but he was only uncomfortable for about 24 hours. We have been out on quite a few rides and just recently he realized that I was ok with him hand galloping up the hills in the neighborhood. (needless to say, there is a big grin on my face!) He has also taken up Chances favorite morning routine… around 10am almost every day is nap time!  And we just started them out on the grass Sat. Chester gets to be loose in the backyard… only a halter and a lead rope. He has been so good do far… he goes only to certain points and turns himself around and head back in the other direction… he trims around the gardens but has not yet thought about venturing where he doesn’t belong. I told Mark that it looks like he has a new ‘lawn boy’!!!

Thanks again for letting him come back to us… we are really enjoying the little ‘monkey’!!

best view chester napping sneaky chester

Wow!! Thank you Essex County Co-op for hosting this amazing Fill A Trailer event. And a HUGE thanks to everyone that donated. We certainly filled the trailer… and the truck! We are feeling so grateful to be part of such a supportive community. IMG_0090 IMG_0094 IMG_0095

Thank you Felicity and Paul Beech from West Newbury for donating two 12 x 12 run-in sheds to Windrush. Our builder Butch Coffey was the master-mind behind this exciting delivery and they are now in the back field. We are thrilled about having shelter for the horses in the field! They looks awesome!

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