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Check out these gorgeous ponies painted in their finest dress!

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This summer the “Horse Play” program returns. 

This un-mounted summer program is specifically designed to address the needs, concerns, and strengths of children dealing with autism spectrum disorders. In the quiet barn setting, the youngsters will be encouraged (at their own pace) to explore, process, and enjoy the sights, smells, sounds, and textures found on the farm and with the horses.

Each program is geared to different age groups and each participant will be able to proceed at their own pace and receive the modifications they need to succeed.

Lots of structure and physical activities with very limited “down time” to keep focused, involved, and engaged. Extra time to process information, adapt to sensory input, and perform tasks. Additional communication tools such as PECS and social stories. What a blast today’s session was!

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Family Time at Windrush Farm

This week at Windrush Farm was “Family Time”!

Designed for children with special needs and their families, “Family Time” offers safe, supported horse interactions and activities on our peaceful farm. These activities support and promote the family by focusing on:

  • recognizing and valuing each other’s strengths and talents
  • learning to work together as a family
  • fostering self-esteem and confidence in everyone

It was a wonderful morning. Thank you to all our attendees! We’d love your feedback on the program. And you can check out all the photos here!

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What are un-mounted programs?  Watch and find out!

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