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What is hanging in the trees?   A giant spider web?   Noodles?  Animals?   Many of you may have gotten a glimpse of the Sensory Trail as you enter the driveway at Windrush but just recently, Harrison O’Brien an eighth grader at the Miles River Middle School in the Hamilton-Wenham public school system decided to target his service project for his Lifeskills class on giving lots of TLC to the existing sensory trail.

Harrison asked his mom, “what can I do at Windrush?”.   Harrison has learned all about Windrush because his mom, Linda has been volunteering for hippotherapy and therapeutic riding.  Linda stated that, “I guess I have raved about Windrush and the unbelievable work you do there and some of it sunk in over the past three years that I’ve been volunteering!!”    So, Harrison with the help of his mom met with Monica Wu on a Saturday morning and began planning.  Within two weeks, the sensory trail received new toys, activities, and new footing for everyone to enjoy!!  Reinbow Therapy wants to give a special thanks to Harrison and Linda for making the Sensory trail come alive again and just in time for Halloween!!    Please take a moment to peek at or walk down the trail to see all the new sites and perhaps open the mailbox to see what surprise is inside or throw a ball down the tube, or ding the chimes.

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Contributed by Kaitlin Badolato

“I guarantee, a non- believer is simply someone who has never looked at the faces of parents as their child says their first word (to their pony )in a  hippotherapy session, or talked to an adult who has been in a wheel chair for years as he rides his horse at the trot, or seen the calm that comes over those who have suffered a trauma as they work with the horse on the ground.” –Susan Lutz,Windrush Farm

Courtesy of Jerry Monkman Photography

As many Windrush Farm riders, instructors, and volunteers can attest, horses provide immense comfort to people suffering from emotional or physical issues.  But what about those non-believers? Well now there is a website, titled, which provides information and education on equine activities and therapies and clears up any misconceptions one may have about these services.


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It is “vacation week”  here at the farm. The week between the end of spring session and the beginning of summer.  But Windrush Farm is anything but quiet.

So happy with the results from the Horses for Heroes (H4H) session at the farm earlier this month,  the Bedford VA Medical Hospital returned yesterday with a  bus transporting 16 veterans.

This group participated in a horsemanship program. They learned about their equine friends, visited the barn,  groomed and lead the horses and enjoyed lunch under the tents.

All activities for veterans at Windrush Farm are free of charge thanks to the private donations received over the past 3 years.

We are thrilled about our future collaborations with the Bedford VA Medical Hospital.

(Photo Credits: Allyson Seinfeld)

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What a wonderful spring day! Learn more about our hippotherapy program.

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