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Thank you for an amazing job!

Thank you for an amazing job!

This Saturday the Barefoot Ministries Group from the Messiah Lutheran Church in Lynnfield spent the day at Windrush sprucing up things.

Included on list of tasks were:

  • Updating the sound system in the indoor arena to enable instructors to use during class and during special events
  • Enclosing the cabinet around the stereo equipment in order to protect it from dust
  • Enclosing the space between the arena walls and kickboards so the “beanie babies” used in class don’t keep disappearing behind the wall
  • Installing whip hangers at both ends of the arena

This amazing group got all the materials for this project donated and spent the day giving of their time and expertise to get everything done. We are very appreciative. What an amazing way to spend a Saturday and to give back. We thank you all.

See all the photos here>>

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Christine2 Remember back in October when the crew from Ablevision came to Windrush and did a story about our unique therapy? Well, guess what. They won an award in the Access – Able category in the Hometown Video Festival about OUR story. The group traveled to Washington D.C. last week to receive the award. Congrats, Ablevision!

Check out the video that won!

Pictured to the left is: Christine Murdocca, hostess of Ablevision

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Check out the finished story our friends at Ablevision whipped up!!!

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Ablevision Teaser…

P1010943 So the group over at Ablevision have just wrapped on their segment about Windrush Farm and the Perkins School for the Blind. The full-length DVD segment is being shipped to the Windrush office as I write, but they have released a teaser to tide us over…

Watch the clip…

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Did you miss the NECN broadcast on Friday night? Well then check this out. Nice work, Ablevision!


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The crew from Ablevision arrived at 9:30am, today, ready for a once in a life-time experience. Ablevision is a television show produced entirely by people with physical and mental disabilities. Today’s segment was about people with disabilities who ride horses.

P1020001_3The crew interviewed the three riders from the Perkins School for the Blind. Then they interview Susan, their instructor, Megan our horse trainer/barn manager, and finally Mrs. K, WFTE’s founder.

What made the day even cooler was that Ally Donnelly from NECN was on site to film and interview the Ablevision crew as they did their interviews! The NECN piece will be aired tomorrow night, Friday October 19 at 9pm. And the Ablevision crew will wrap up their segment in the upcoming weeks.

Stay tuned to the blog for the link to the finished product. And thank you, to everyone who was involved this morning.  What a fabulous day!

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Jimmie Windrush will partner with Ablevision of Malden to promote disability awareness on cable television. Ablevision is a television show produced entirely by people with physical and mental disabilities. Ablevision’s motto is that "we can do anything", which is very closely related to WFTE’s motto, "disabled or not, we are all capable of more than we think’.

The Ablevision crew will be at Windrush Farm on Thursday October 18 to film students from the Perkins School for the Blind participate in their weekly therapeutic riding lesson. The segment will be broadcast on cable stations across the nation.

An added twist is that cable station NECN will be on site to film the whole day!

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