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Fact or Fiction

002_2 Fiction: Windrush serves only clients from the surrounding towns.

Fact: Clients travel from as far away as Watertown and Dorchester to experience the programs offered at the farm.

Fiction: Windrush only works with physically challenged.

Fact: We not only work with children and adults with physical challenges but also, youth “at risk”, those with developmental delays, speech and auditory impairments, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, emotional, behavioral or other psychiatrics, and post traumatic stress disorder.

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Fact or Fiction

079_79 Fiction: Therapeutic riding is only for kids.

Fact: This unique form of therapy is offered to both children and adults. In fact, one of our classes deemed the “Estrogen Equestrians” are a group of adults that have been riding at Windrush for many years; one rider has been here for 18 years.

Fiction: There is only a regular riding program during the summer.

Fact: Windrush offers a youth “at risk” summer program for inner city youths. There is also a special needs half day program which includes a daily equine activity designed to help the participants learn more about their horse friends through hands-on educational fun and riding instruction.

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Fact or Fiction

077_77 Fiction: Windrush only offers lessons to those with challenges.

Fact: While the main focus at Windrush Farm is to improve the lives of those living with disabilities, we also offer recreational instruction. These recreational lessons offset the costs of operating a therapeutic program and are considered a “fundraiser” for the special needs program.

Check out our summer programs:

Fiction: Instructors come and go at Windrush.

Fact: Combined, our instructors have almost 100 years of experience between them. Our Executive Director, Mandy Hogan has been with Windrush for more than 35 years.

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