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Meet Swifty

Contributed by Megan Piermarini

photo 1It seems only natural that in our 50th year, we should honor a horse that truly embodies the spirit and message of Windrush. When evaluating potential horses, we look for qualities that include a kind spirit, a heart to take care of others, and that special twinkle in their eye. Swifty is the epitome of this.

We evaluated this small, chestnut quarter horse and knew within minutes that we needed him in our herd. Swifty was owned by the Bingham family and was at Chrislar Farm in Rowley, MA. Olivia Bingham began riding at Windrush Farm and when it was time for her to move up to a horse she could start showing, she and her family thought Windrush would be a great home for Swifty! Boy, are we lucky they thought that!

Swifty is used in all parts of our program. He does it all, and he does it all well! He does our therapeutic and unmounted program, hippotherapy, and beginner and intermediate riders. He goes to the beach and Bradley Palmer as well. He is safe, reliable, and a blast to ride. He loves to jump and to be out on grass. We surely won the jackpot with this horse!

Swifty is certainly excited to be a part of Windrush’s 50th celebration. He is hoping for carrot cake and apple pie to celebrate. He will be here with his party hat on in September, will you?

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DSC04027Windrush Farm is in need of horses!

As our herd is getting older, and many have retired from the advanced classes, we need horses that:

  • are ideally under the age of 17
  • are between 14.2 and 15.3 hands
  • are sound enough for walk, trot, canter and jump classes
  • have the temperament to work with our many different levels of classes and riders
Of course, for the ideal horse, we would look a little outside of these parameters.   As far as the jumping, we don’t do a lot of jumping but new horses coming in need to be sound enough to handle the classes that do jump.
We would love for you to spread the word.

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Meet Jake

Contributed by Megan Piermarini

photo copy

Move over Chester, there’s another “appy” on the block!

Move over Chester, there’s another “appy” on the block. Jake, a thirteen-year-old Appaloosa, comes to Windrush Farm from a private home in Kensington NH. Known for his smooth gait, he works in all aspects of the program, including both therapeutic and recreational riders. Because he is short-backed and strong he is able to carry people of all different weights, including some of the larger, off-balance clients.

Jake likes all sorts of treats and will eat just about anything. His best friend is Seth and they enjoy playing in the paddocks together. One of his favorite activities over the summer was escaping from the grass field turnout to get to the better grass on the front lawn of the farmhouse. He’s got a bit of a mischievous streak in him!

Last October he worked his first Special Olympics and even won a few blue ribbons! Jake is young and we hope to have many more years with him at the farm.

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Contributed by Abby Sniegocki

SETHEvery once in a while, a horse with a personality that really stands out comes along. One of the many special horses at Windrush Farm with such a personality is Seth. I have been lucky enough to get to know Seth over my past six years volunteering and riding at Windrush.

Seth arrived at Windrush just before he turned four years old, and ever since then, people have been taking notice of his big heart. A sweet bay Thoroughbred-Clydesdale born in the year 2000, he was bred to be a driving horse in Maine. Seth’s breeder wanted a matching set of bay horses, but at 15.3 hands, Seth didn’t make the cut—he was too small to match the other horse. The driving farm’s loss was Windrush’s gain. Seth is patient, friendly, and has one of the most loving personalities I have ever seen in a horse. Seth will do absolutely anything you ask of him.

Through his years at Windrush, Seth has participated in many aspects of the farm’s activities, including therapeutic classes, recreational riding lessons, summer camps, unmounted programs, and more. Seth has also done eventing in his past (dressage, stadium jumping, and cross-country.) He has always worked hard at Windrush, and many volunteers, riders, and staff members have fallen in love with him in the process.

Seth can be ridden by children, teenagers, or adults, and no matter the job, he always gives it his all. He is very willing to go with the flow, which makes him a versatile asset to the many programs at Windrush. He can work in a therapeutic riding class in western tack, practice dressage, jump, and take someone trail riding all in the same week. Seth has a lot to teach riders of many different ages and skill levels, as he offers riders new challenges and a sense of security at the same time.

Seth is a gentleman and I always feel I am being taken care of when I ride him. Not only is he tons of fun to ride, but he is awesome to work with on the ground as well. Seth stands perfectly still to be groomed and tacked, and he is extremely tolerant of being fussed over by all the kids in the barn! Seth loves people, and if you give him a pat, kiss, or treat, he will happily be your best friend. Seth is often referred to as a “big teddy bear,” which is a fitting description for him. His sweet and loving nature makes him a fun horse to spend time with.

Seth will always greet you with his ears forward and a friendly expression, welcoming you into the barn. Anyone who has met Seth can attest to his huge heart, a special quality that cannot be trained into a horse. Seth has been a tremendous gift to Windrush Farm, his loving personality rubbing off a little on all of us.




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A Fond Farewell to Tory

Share your wishes here!!!

After 24 years of life on the farm, we are sending our dear friend Tory off to retirement with much love and warm wishes.

Tory (also known as Curator) was foaled at Windrush Farm on July 17, 1987 and has lived here ever since.  His mom was a mare named Current Party, who was a horse of Mrs. Kittredge.  In his many years here at Windrush Farm, Tory has evented through novice level and schooled up to second level dressage with some of our rider’s.  Since then, Tory has been a rock in our program, working in both recreational and therapeutic lessons.

Tory is retiring to the home of Mrs. Ellen Scott, formerly Ellen Kittredge, in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania.  He will live out the rest of his day’s trail riding and keeping his good old dog friend Stella company on the farm.  After 24 years of hard work and countless lessons taught, everyone at Windrush is very happy to see him start the next chapter of his life!  He certainly deserves it!

Some things we will remember most about Tory …

“I will always remember Tory’s high pitched squeal of excitement during feeding time!” – Megan Piermarini

“I will always remember Tory’s youthfulness, even in the later years of his life.” – Jennifer Tartaglia

“I will always remember that he was a favorite of our weekend helpers.” – Jess Barry

These are some of our favorite memories of Tory, what are some of yours? Share them here!!!

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Contributed by Kim Gatto

Photo courtesy of Hoof Pix Sport Horse Photography, LLC

There is a saying that the most successful people “go the extra mile,” putting in their best effort to get things done.  Windrush is fortunate to have one such person in Mary Letwin, who contributes her time and talents to the farm by schooling horses, building jumps, and assisting with various events such as Groton House. Despite being a busy veterinarian, wife, and mother, Mary always finds the time to help out at Windrush.

A lifelong equestrienne, Mary began riding lessons at the age of 8 or 9, despite being born into a decidedly “non-horsey” family.  “My older sister started riding and my mom couldn’t leave me at home alone,” Mary recalls.  “My sister soon quit, but I got hooked, and I’ve been riding off and on ever since.”  Mary joined the Windrush family more than 15 years ago, when she was in search of a new lesson barn.  After trying several local stables, Mary remembers, “I got hooked on Windrush as soon as I started.”


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