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burnstockIt’s been six years and more than $6,000 later and the tradition continues. Each spring, Windrush Farm receives a call from the Boxford based Burnstock Riding Club offering their services to sell tack to benefit the farm.

What this entails is more than a one-day commitment. The girls travel to the farm, pick up all the donated tack, haul the boxes home, and clean, repair and organize all the goodies. After weeks of work, they then take all the equipment to the Equine Expo and host a sales booth, this year on Saturday, April 26.


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Hack-a-thon continues!

Well, Matti may be away at college but Windrush Farm is still on her brain. She has orchestrated the 7th annual Hack-a-thon For Hope all the way from college in South Carolina!! Together the group has raised more than $1,000. Absolutely AMAZING! You all continue to blow us away. Thank you so much for all your support!!!

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Burnstock @ Windrush 3-2011_Page_1_Image_0001Kudos to Burnstock Riding Club girls  Grace Conti, Salina Mallory, Matti Burns, Courtney Best , Lauren Grifoni, Paige Frasier, Elizabeth Darragh, Margaret Mcguirk, Cassidy Benson, Hannah MacDonald, Lil Humerian, Michelle Shephard, Katie Giallombardo, Laura Frasier, Hannah Burgess, Katherine Kusel and Kate McAllister for the enormous effort put into eight weeks of pick ups and deliveries, hauling boxes, cleaning ,preparing, setting up  and then  finally hosting a sale booth at the Equine Expo on Saturday, April 27 to benefit Windrush Farm.  

Throughout the day many visitors came by to tell the girls their Windrush stories and say thank you!! The girls  were thrilled and knew their efforts would bless many. What a great feeling knowing that all of their hard work made a difference!!! In total, the girls raised $1000 to support the therapeutic programs at the farm. We can’t say thank you enough!!!

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The 6th annual Hack-a-thon for Hope has been going on this month. The tally after this weekend is a little over $ 1600.00 !! So far 13 girls have ridden over 68 miles! AMAZING!!! Check out all these amazing young women. Windrush Farm thanks you!

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Hack-a-thon 2011

See all the photos

They did it again. 34 miles, 12 riders and over 40 pledges bringing the grand total of monies raised for the clients with disabilities at Windrush Farm to…$1,500!!!

Amazing job Matti and the Burnstock Riding crew!

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The Burnstock CREW!

Matti’s at it again! Her annual Hack-a-thon for Hope will take place on October 22nd at the Burnstock Riding Club.

Over the past 6 years the Burnstock Riding Club has raised over $15,000 for Windrush! Imagine that. Pretty Inspirational!

Check out past Burnstock Events (if you click this link you are taken to 15 stories throughout the years about the amazing Burnstock Crew!!!!)

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