Dentist donates another year of smiles to Windrush Farm

Another year and more smiles return to Windrush Farm on behalf of Dr. Peter McAllister, a dentist out of Topsfield.

Dr. McAllister, of Boxford, and his staff participates each year in the Smiles For Life charity program. This is where a select group of dentist across North America present the opportunity for individuals to have their teeth professionally whitened, while donating the proceeds to children’s charities of the dentist choice.

From March to June each year, participating dentist provide patients with professional teeth whitening at a discounted price on behave of this amazing program. All of the proceeds gain during this time period go directly to the local charity of choice, while half going to The Smiles For Life Foundation.

Once again, Dr. McAllister has chosen Windrush Farm, a local nonprofit horse farm in Boxford and North Andover that work with children and adults to ride and work with horses that specializing in teaching physically, emotionally, and learning disabled

Since 1998, Smiles for Life has raised over $33 million, benefiting hundreds of children’s charities. Smiles For Life allows a person to help children in need by doing something that benefits them as well,” explains Greg Anderson, director of the Crown Council. “Our doctors donate their time and expertise, while Ultradent generously provides all Opalescence whitening products. You receive a brighter smile, and, best of all, provide children with a brighter future.”

“How to we begin to thank Dr. McAllister and his incredible staff?” said Amanda Hogan, Executive Director of Windrush Farm. “We continue to be so grateful for Dr. McAllister support. Without individuals like him, Windrush Farm would not be able to provide our unique programing to children, adults and veterans, day after day.”


Wish List for Co- Op

  • 2 wheel wheelbarrow (Yellow)
  • 10 plastic future forks- green or blue
  • 10 Extra Heavy Duty Corn Brooms- O Cedar
  • 5 muck tubs- Large 70 Quart (Blue)
  • 5 gallons of Repel X fly spray (concentrate)
  • 5 gallons of organic Nature Defense (concentrate)
  • 5 horse and 5 pony fly masks
  • Cat food –(Purina Mature Chicken)
  • Cat litter
  • Seedlings, in almost any variety, and lots of them
  • Heavy Duty tomatoes cages – about a dozen
  • Chick-a-doo doo garden fertilizer, two bags
  • Sugar snap pea seeds – 10 of the gigantic bags
  • Gardening- Trowel, Cultivator, Hand Cultivator, Hose Wand
  • Tack Cleaning Hooks
  • Utility Gloves
  • Rakes- Bamboo Leaf Rake/ Poly Tines 24in
  • Double End Snap Hooks and Eye Bolts for feed tubs
  • Stall Mats
  • Fence Rails- 11 footer
  • 20 Yellow disposable Fly Trap Bags
  • Cleaning Supplies- Simple Green, Glycerin Soap, Sponges, Castile Soap
  • Safer- Insect Killing Soap
  • Safer- Garden Fungicide
  • Purina Ultium
  • Blue Seal Trotter
  • Blue Seal Hay Stretchers
  • Insulator for Fences- 1/12 in

*Anything that is in color please choose green or blue

Windrush Farm would like to thank two fabulous Girl Scouts, Annie Olsen and Molly Smidera. These two have been a huge help to Windrush on Monday afternoons. They were both looking to earn their Silver and Gold stars. They have put in hours helping in the barn while actively fundraising for us.

Together they managed to get enough raised to purchase beautiful, halter brass name plates, and 2 stable halters for Windrush. Amazing job!

Congratulations on earning your stars! Thank you Annie and Molly!


We are sad to announce that next week, two of our handsome horses, Cody and Spike will be retiring from Windrush Farm.  Although this is sad news, we are happy to know that these two pony pals will be together grazing and enjoy life on the island of Nantucket.

Thank you to our lovely volunteer Jen Eddy for donating Spike to us back in June 2011. We also want to thank Mickey Perry for donating Cody to us in March 2014. Both horses will be living together on Mickey’s farm!

Cody and Spike were dedicated to the program and were amazing additions to the Windrush family. We love you both and we will miss you!


How do we begin to thank our dear friend, Quinn Anderson?

Quinn, a junior at Pingree School is not only a multi sport athlete, but also a person with a huge heart. As a member of the Charitable Giving Committee, she took the time to write a proposal to her school to donate some well-needed supplies to Windrush. She managed to receive the donations needed to purchase us, 4 sets of reinbow reins and 10 matching feed buckets!

Quinn, you are wonderful!


Windrush Farm

IMG_9885 Quinn and I

Good Luck Megan!

Things have been melancholy at Windrush Farm this week. For those of you that don’t know, it is Megan Piermarini, our Barn Manager, last week.

Megan has been Windrush’s Barn Manager for the past eight years. She started as an intern during her time at Endicott College and we have been graced with Megan’s presence ever since.

 Megan has been an absolute gift to Windrush Farm.  We will be forever thankful for Megan’s dedication to the horses, clients and volunteers. If you know Megan, you likely understand that her presence alone will be impossible to replace. She is one of a kind and forever a friend to Windrush Farm.

Megan, thank you for everything! Good luck with your next big adventure! We love you!

The Windrush Family


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