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More than 25 walkers and riders met at Bradley Palmer State Park and hit the trails for the Annual “Estrogen Equestrian Trail Ride and Walk” raising $1,000 for the clients with disabilities at Windrush Farm. The event, hosted by Windrush volunteer, Lida Bernard of Annisquam, supports the therapeutic programs at the farm.

Riders collect pledges from friends, family and neighbors. After they hit the trails, lunch and dessert is served.

Another great day. Thank you everyone. 🙂

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Join us for one of our favorite fall events. Learn more:

The participants meet at 10am the park for a trail ride and walk (on foot) on Tuesday, October 18.

There is no standard fee to participate in the ride / walk but we encourage each participant to raise an entrance fee through personal donations and by collecting pledges from family, friends, neighbors, etc! (more…)

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Today’s entry…you can read Cheryl’s Windrush Story here.

March 29,2011

Transitions were the focus-for-the-day … I’m not sure who was working with Sky before before our class, nor what they were doing, but he was VERY attentive to me right-away!

After a series of stretching/twisting [with and without stirrups] we worked-on transitioning to a s-l-o-w walk using half-halts and “quieting our hips/seat” … To a fast [almost trotting] walk by opening/loosening our hips/seat to “move” with the horse’s movement to speed-up … And back to the s-l-o-w walk. My biggest challenge with this exercise is “rein control” with my left arm/hand in particular but I think we did fairly well nonetheless! Sky did REALLY WELL to figure-out what I wanted!?! (more…)

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It is our great pleasure to welcome Cheryl D’Entremont as today’s guest blogger. Cheryl is a current student in our weekly “estrogen equestrian” class and has been riding at Windrush for more than 20 years. Cheryl and her classmates will be blogging about their weekly riding experiences as part of our “Estrogen Equestrian Escapades” series. You can read Cheryl’s Windrush Story here.

March 23, 2011
Oooh-Eeee … What a workout!!! After some group-stretches, we worked on our two-point position [a difficult task, but one I want/should-be-able to accomplish … Even if only “somewhat!” ] FIRST at the WALK … We would “walk fast” between two letters on the wall, then trot in two-point between the next two letters … Then transition back to walk between the next two letters etc… We did that along each wall twice … SOME parts of that exercise I did not do very well, BUT I did do well with maintaining decent leg positions AND did a few GOOD walk/trot and even trot/walk transitions!


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